Welcome To LegacyTalk!

The modern PC is an amazing device. It is a virtual “Swiss Army Knife” of capabilities, allowing us to interact with the world from our armchair. Using a PC as the central tool, we can read, compose, design, organize, manage, connect, and build rich experiences individually or collectively. It can help run a business, a social group, or offer entertainment and creative opportunities.

The PC is also a mysterious device for many of us, a box with great possibilities wrapped in gibberish, complexity, and unpredictable behavior. It has also become a the device to access services, work, or get information. The technology has become commonplace and necessary.

If you feel lost and need to understand how your PC can help you, Boston LegacyWorks is here to help. If you just want to function better in today’s connected world, we can help with that too! 

Through LegacyTalk, we will explore ways to unravel the mystery and improve your experience. With LegacyTech on BostonLegacyWorks.com, you will find resources and tools to help with that process. We are just the initial stages of site development but hope to have the pieces in place very soon. So, come visit us, share your thoughts here and through our site comments. Thanks for checking us out!

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